Holy Spirit
Recently I began to notice the lack of Holy Fire among the saints. Where is the fire, the fervor for the things of God? People, including leaders, have become lackadaisical in their pursuit of God. Almost as if taking God for granted. Where is the fire? Where is the Holy fear/reverence of God? Could this be why we are seeing fewer and fewer signs, wonders and miracles in the Body of Christ?
Rev. Mario Murillo • Editorials
What does God do when a nation tries to silence His Church? Please read this informative article by Rev. Mario Murrillo. "If I listed everything the church could say ten years ago that she can't say today you would be horrified. Without a miracle, your children and grandchildren will have to survive in a world that will totally ban their faith - even scarier, they'll do it without you." Posted with permission of Mario Murrillo Ministries.
Apostle Dr. Jerome Lee Myree • Personal Growth
Have you ever asked "What is God's anointing power and why do I need it"? I know there are some who are happy going about their life in the natural just accepting things that happen --- as they come and dealing with them in their own strength. Always living "under the circumstances" rather than assuming their position in Christ and rising above. I pray that this article by Apostle Dr. Jerome L. Myree will shed some light on the subject and bring you to a new level of understanding.
Dr. Brenda Myree • Faith
As I have ministered to people on many different levels, I have heard the same thing said by manhy of them, "I just don't know if I have enough faith for that." The Word of God is explicit when it says that those who are just WILL live by faith. God has already given us THE MEASURE of faith we need in life. All we need to do is exercise our faith. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Just as a body builder needs to continually work his muscles to increase his strength, so to do we need to be continually hearing and hearing the Word of God to strengthen our faith. And, our faith will be tested and tried. I pray this article will be a blessing to you. God bless.
Dr. Brenda Myree • Holy Spirit
Have you ever wondered why more Christians are not functioning in signs, wonders and miracles? I have been asked this on many occasions. After all, didn't Jesus say that these signs and even greater signs we shall do because He went unto the Father? Well, are we cooperating with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to work through us? Are our motives pure or are we seeking vain glory? Where is our faith? I pray this article will be a blessing to you and answer some of your questions. God bless.
Dr. Brenda Myree • Spiritual Warfare
Christians are considered to be the army of God and each individual Christian a soldier in the army. As a new Christian there is a boot camp you go through in order to learn how the Kingdom of God operates and your place within His Kingdom. As with any boot camp or basic training, you learn about your new identity, learning how to think as part of the Body of Christ (an army of One), and new skills through your manual the Bible. You will learn to become disciplined and mature in the things of God. You learn what your tools and weapons are and how to use them as well as the tactics and strategies of the enemy. After basic training, you should enter advanced training learning to become more skillful in the Word. You learn to identify your King (Jesus Christ), yourself and your enemy. At this point you may also receive a special assignment and receive more specific tactical training for your assignment.
Dr. Brenda Myree • Healing
Jesus gave us, as believers, His authority (exousia) and power (dunamis) to carry forth His ministry in the earth. He said that the works that He did we would do also and even greater works in order to establish the supernatural Kingdom of God. Jesus command us to heal the sick, cast out demons and speak in new tongues - In His Name so we can be proof providers of His supernatural power and resurrection. It is a shame that many ministries do not believe that the supernatural power of God is not for today's church but I have yet to read anything in the Bible that says that miracles, signs and wonders were to stop. To the contrary, the Word says that "these signs shall follow them that believe". Too many people are following signs rather than signs following them. God will confirm His Word with signs following!
Dr. Brenda Myree • Personal Growth
Are you a carnal Christian or are you led by the Spirit. Are you "just" a child of God or are you a "mature son"? As Christians we are commanded to renew our minds, to study to show ourselves approved. We are to grow up in God. This article is written to assist in the renewing of your mind, to help you reach maturity in Christ. It is not enough to "just be saved" but we are to continue to grow spiritually.
Brenda Myree • Personal Growth
As Christians and citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to know our Heavenly Identity, who we are in Christ. Find out who you are and what is available to you as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.
Brenda Myree • Faith
Have you been confessing the Word and confessing the Word and do not know why that which you are confessing has not come to pass? You have not seen the end of your faith. Could it be that you have been using your faith and not God's faith or the God kind of faith as mentioned in Mark 11? Do you really want your faith to work and bring about that which you are standing for? Keep reading.
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