It is the mission of Kingdom Dominion International Ministries to:
1.  Educate the Body of Christ as to Kingdom structure and coming into alignment with Kingdom principles.
2.  To aid and assist the Body of Christ in realizing each person's individual spiritual function/gifting and calling as it relates to their God-given purpose and destiny.
3.  To educate, train, equip and activate the Body of Christ in operating in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit as they pertain to each member's calling - with God's wisdom, knowledge, understanding and counsel, for the perfecting and maturing of the saints.
4.  Edifying and building up the Body of Christ, producing saints for the effective work of the ministry; bringing the saints into a unity of the faith; establish knowledge of the Son of God to produce a perfect (mature) man; attaining the measure of the stature of Christ's fullness.
5.  To raise spiritual children to adulthood through discipleship empowering them to continue the works of Jesus and greater works in order to manifest Kingdom power, authority, dominion and rule.
6.  To bring healing and restoration to those members of the body who have been spiritually hurt and abused so they may fulfill their calling in the Body of Christ.
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